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"Once upon a time there was a guy named Joe. He had a lousy job."
- Opening line of Joe versus the Volcano

My name is not Joe, but I thought about the above quote from the Tom Hanks-Meg Ryan classic film when I sat down to write this web page (Yes, Joe vs. the Volcano is a classic, trust me!). Growing up, I knew that I wanted to be around movies. Movies have always excited me and have always been there when I needed an escape.

Fast forward to 2002. Through the course of a really lousy job, I ran across a company opening movie theaters in smaller rural areas. The company was doing well because they were going back to the roots of the movie theater business. They turned their theaters into community entertainment centers. In November 2003, the quest to open "The Movies" began in Meadville, PA. With help from some key local people the theater became a reality in 2005.

In 2007, the idea expanded down the road to Cranberry, PA. The Movies at Cranberry leveraged the knowledge and experience from Meadville, to renovate an old Carmike theater at the Cranberry Mall. While the decor changed to reflect the neighborhood, the core principals remained. In 2010 Cranberry took a step into the future by being the first theater to convert to 100% digital projection.

In 2010 another opportunity close to the heart arose. The movie theater that I frequented as a boy became available for a new operator. The Movies at Montgomery Mall, while only 3 screens, presented a unique opportunity to prove that it is not smoke and mirrors that bring people to the movies. Renovated with new seats and a staff that exudes the love of film, the Movies at Montgomery Mall doubled it attendance in one year's time. Just recently, the theater also converted to 100% 4K digital projection and will continue to serve up the finest movie going experience in the Washington, D.C. area.

Our mission is to have our theaters promote the excitement and magic of the movies. If you like movies, I think you are going to love "The Movies". We all share some memory of our favorite movie, the one we disliked, the one we quote, the one that made us laugh, the one that made us cry, the one that scared us to death, and the one that taught us something.

Most important, I believe that the best way to see a movie is in a theater. Since the beginning of time people need to share experiences with other people. We can provide that interaction in a technologically advanced auditorium. Welcome to "The Movies". I hope you have as much fun experiencing it as I had building it.