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Welcome to "The Circle". We have put a great deal of thought into how we were going to go about creating a customer loyalty program. The problem is that every business now has some form of "club" or "rewards" program. I get so annoyed when I have to search through my wallet to find the dumb card. Then it always seems that I have to do more work to track my points and manage this very un-important piece of my consumer life.

So we set out to build a better mousetrap. We should do the heavy lifting and you should get the benefits. So, thanks to technology we have developed what we think will be the best loyalty program you have ever signed up for. Just fill out the information below and we promise you will get value every time you come to the theater. We promise we will not send you anything through the mail and will only send you e-mail if you let us.

Points - Rewards
75 - Free Medium Popcorn
150 - Free Large Drink
250 - Free Ticket

The points continue in a loop.

Don't forget to pick up your keytag at the theater!

If you have any questions or need to contact us visit our Contact Us page for information.

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